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  • Examine soil properties through Australia's agricultural regions.
  • Compare your soil test results with your neighbours.
  • Investigate soil quality indicator relationships.
  • Discover the importance of Soil Biology.

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Wheat Yield Potential Calculator

The wheat yield potential calculator provides an estimate of rainfall limited grain yield, and is based on a modified version of the French and Schultz (1984) calculation.

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Featured Fact Sheet

Legumes and Nitrogen Fixation - South Australia

All plants are able to take up nitrogen from the soil in the form of ammonium (NH[~4~][^+^]) or nitrate (NO[~3~][^-^]); together these are known as available N. In addition to taking up available N from the soil, legumes (clovers, medics, peas and beans...

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Sites participating in the Soil Quality program are issued with a "Site Code" This code enables the site owner to compare their site amongst their catchments and regions.

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