How to use this calculator
  1. Enter your sample depth, bulk density, gravel content and cation exchange capacity (CEC) in the white boxes.
  2. Repeat for all Targeted Changes.
  3. Click on “Calculate Organic Biomass”.
Calculator Inputs
Targeted Change Depth Sampled Soil Bulk Density Gravel Content CEC (meq/100 g)

In recent times significant interest has arisen in the area of soil organic matter, the capacity of a soil to store organic matter and possible rates of change of organic matter in the soil. While many soils have capacity to maintain a higher level of organic matter the ability to achieve this depends on many factors.

This calculator asks the question:

“If I want to change my Total Organic Carbon value by 0.05%, 0.1% or 1.0%, how much plant biomass do I require to do this?”

We encourage you to vary the default numbers that already appear in the white boxes to see how this changes the biomass required for a change in total organic carbon (TOC). If you have your own values for each of the values, you can determine potential changes in TOC under your current system of management.