Andrew Wherrett gives brief run-down of the website – accessing and viewing data, different graphing features and finding extra information.

Professor Daniel Murphy explains the role of organic matter cycling, and the role that the soil microbial community plays in soils. This talks focuses on factors that influence microbial functioning and how growers, agronomists and others make management decisions that impact on these soil processes.

Vadakattu Gupta (CSIRO, Adelaide) and Nikki Seymour (Qld DAFF) discuss disease suppression in soils and how microbiology can help grain growers prevent diseases affecting their crops.


Dr Elizabeth Stockdale from University of Newcastle (UK), outlines increasing the soil resilience to environmental risks through understanding nutrient cycling in farm soils, opportunities to enhance nutrient cycling, reducing inputs to enhance outputs and international trends in soil management.

Major General Michael Jeffrey highlights the importance of ongoing soil quality to sustainable food production and society in general.

Michael Davy from the Murray Catchment Management Authority outlines the major findings of the SCaRP project carried out in the local catchment area.

GRDC’s Ground Cover TV covers the Soil Biology Initiative and the efforts being made to understand the thriving microbial communities below our feet and how it functions.

Professor Daniel Murphy talks about the extension platforms the Soil Biology Initiative will implement to get information to growers about the latest in soil quality data.

Dr Lori Phillips (DEPI, Victoria) introducing the influence of soil microbes on nitrogen transformation into plant available forms.

Associate Professor Pauline Mele highlights what GRDC’s Soil Biology Initiative is all about, and what it aims to achieve.