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Soil Texture
Rainfall Bands
  • Low (< 325mm)
  • Medium (324 - 450mm)
  • High (450 - 600)
  • Very High (> 650mm)


The Northern Agricultural Region extends from the Murchison River in the north to Moore River in the south. The eastern parts of the region are bound loosely by an old rabbit-proof fence, beyond which pastoral land dominates. Agriculture in the region centres on the production of cereal, oilseed and pulse grains as well as cattle for beef and sheep for both meat and wool in the higher rainfall areas.

The soils in this region range from very sandy soils along the coastal areas of the western midlands and north of Geraldton, to heavier red-loams along the eastern areas. Low natural nutrition as well as agriculture induced acidity major soil constraints in the region.

Rainfall in the Northern Agricultural Region varies from approximately 550 mm in the south-western areas to 350 mm in the northern and eastern areas