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Management Groups
  • Busselton
Land Use
Soil Texture
Rainfall Bands
  • Low (< 325mm)
  • Medium (324 - 450mm)
  • High (450 - 600)
  • Very High (> 650mm)


This regions’ agricultural diversity stems from higher winter rainfall than other regions, giving many producers the opportunity to irrigate on some level. Vegetable, dairy and beef production dominates the Swan Coastal Plain, with accessible groundwater used for irrigation. The dune systems of this area are particularly sandy and susceptible to nutrient leaching.

The Swan Valley, Margaret River and Pemberton areas are well known for viticulture, while Donnybrook and Manjimup grow singificant amounts of fruit. Both dairy and beef industries are prevalent throughout the whole South-Western Agricultural Region. In the past, forestry has been a major primary industry along the Darling Escarpment in the east and throughout the inner south-west.

Annual rainfall in the region:

Perth 753 mm

Manjimup 1012 mm

Margaret River 817 mm

Dwellingup 1254 mm